This product is really incredible. Don’t really know any other product that can work like this one, really works well and effectively. What I saw and can confirm – it’s a fuel economy, rised compression in cylinders and restores the worn metal surfaces that you can feel almost at the moment of application. And also reduced noise and vibration.


Recommend it!

I have read some good comments on thins product on forums and on the internet, so when I got the opportunity to buy it on MercadoLibre I wanted to try. I think it’s a good product, I noticed the changes in consumption and power of my car (Sentra). Of course, I also change the oil every 5000 km (multigrade), so I recommend the product without any doubts.

It works, I recommend it

The product is good and the changes are visible – firstly it’s noise, that reduced and fuel consumption also reduced a little bit. And I didn’t even drove for 300 km how it says the instruction. Recommend it!


I pour 2 pieces in my EcoSports 2007 with more than 100 000 km of mileage and I notice the change in the engine – it sounds better and I noticed a reduced fuel consumption. So I think to add more pieces in October on the next oil change.


Effectively reduced fuel consumption – the engine sounds and works more stable and also solved the big problem of oil consumption. Surely on the next oil change, I’ll buy more RESURS.


Excellent product. In January 2020 my car had a blue smoke problem. I added the product on every oil change and up to date my car still works as if it was a taxi cab.

Excellent product

Highly recommended product, personally I used it in few cars and noted increased engine power. Including the one car that needed to be overhauled, the product removed exhaust smoke.


Really works. My car had a low compression in only one of cylinders, and after adding the resurs, compression in all of the cylinders equalized on the highest level.

Excellent product, recommend

Excellent product, I tried and it reduced the smoke and oil consumption. The changes and feelings were almost immediate.


Excellent, worked well. I used 2 pieces as the instruction says and the noise was removed.


It was really my last hope. I had a smoke problem. So it takes some time to feel the result – in my case almost a month and a half, but it’s a thousand times better and the smoke was reduced for like 80%.

Excellent product

It does what it promises. I bought it a few times and it worked for me – improved the compression, reduced the noise of the engine. Very recommendable!


Excellent product! Has good properties and restores the engine. I used it a month ago and I can feel the difference – in my car, Honda Civic 2007, with a mileage of 190,000 km I can feel the difference on the hills – It’s increased power. Now I want to buy RESURS for the manual gearbox, to feel the same effect.


I used resurs 100gr in a 6-cylinder engine of 4.0L. It has 198 000 kms and it feels the increased compression and fuel economy. I used it only 160 kms ago and now I want to buy the resurs for an automatic gearbox.


Excellent product. I don’t really believe in such magic oil additives but t obe honest, the product that I bought here restored the power and compression of my engine. And it sounds softer now. 100% recommend

Very good product

The product works well, the engine of my Cherokee with more than 249 000 miles almost immediately restored the oil pressure and it feels more powerful. In the next oil change i will add another one.