RESURS help to reduce the oil burning and smoke

Does your car smoke?

RESURS helps to reduce the oil shortage and burning

Reduces polluting emissions

Restoring the wear and of metal surfaces, RESURS prevents the oil-burning in the combustion chamber and reduces the emissions by 3 times – HC, CO, and NOX in a few minutes.

Before the application of RESURS.
Exhaust gas test FAILED.

After the application of RESURS.
Certificate of Vehicle Verification Test. 

How RESURS help?

With RESURS inside, the engine increases the performance, stops oil burning and smoke, reduces the emissions and stabilize the fuel consumption.

The engine has
a smoke problem

Adding the RESURS
into the engine oil system

The car passes
the verification test

How does the engine restoration work?

RESURS engine restorer cleans, restores, and protects the engine from wear. RESURS is a result of advanced Russian nanotechnology.

Phase 1

Millions of nanoparticles use motor oil to get into the friction zones.

Phase 2

Under the high temperature and pressure, the particles melt and fill the defects, restoring the damaged metal surfaces.

Phase 3

RESURS reduces the engine wear, filling the damaged zones and restoring the wear of metal surfaces. The restoration equalizes the compression of cylinders and increases engine power.

RESURS treatments (oil additives)

RESURS Next Concentrated, 17 gr

RESURS Total Engine, 50 gr

RESURS Diesel, 350 gr

RESURS Diesel 350 gr

RESURS Moto, 50 gr

RESURS Moto 50 gr

Effect of RESURS on different cars

Chevrolet Aveo, 2008
Reducción de
contaminación en 15-17%
Acura SRX, 2004
Aumento de compresión
en cilindros 3-19%
VW Golf, 2012
Aumento de potencia - 7%
Aumento de compresión - 14%
Nissan Platina, 2004
Aumento de compresión
en cilindros 15-23%
Porsche 911, 2004
de 7% de ruidos.
Nissan 300ZX, 2001
de 10% de ruidos.