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How to use RESURS

Indications for use:
  • Engine oil burning more than 150ml per 1000km;
  • Bluish exhaust smokes;
  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • Low or unequal compression;
  • Protective effect when the milage is less than 200 000 km.
    Recovery effect when the mileage is over than 200 000 km.
    1. It's better to change the engine oil and filter.
    2. Warm up the engine and turn it off;
    3. Shake the bottle for 20-30 sec;
    4. Pour RESURS into the engine oil system;
    5. Run engine at idle for 10-15 min;
    6. For the transmission - run under the load for 30 min
    Oil volume Mileage.
    <100 000km 100 000-170 000km >170 000km
    3-5L 50g 100g 100g
    6-10L 100g 150g 150g
    10-12L 150g 250g 300g

    Calculate the dosage of RESURS

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    Engine oil volume

    You need:

    2 (100mg)