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Reports and tests

RESURS reduces emissions

Million of smart nano particles as a million of mechanics, repaires wear of surfaces, increases power and compression level, decreases oil burning, fuel consumtioning and engine vibration.

Testing RESURS in reducing emissions >

Successful experience of using RESURS in reducing emissions level

The owner of Peugeot 206 1.6l got troubles with emission control test. That day RESURS was added to the engine oil for reducing emission and stabilising the engine. Emission level was decreased by 4 times!

Before using of RESURS.Test NOT passed

After using of RESURS. Test passed

Emission level examines on a different cars before and after the using of RESURS.

Testing RESURS

Expert of Mecanico.TV is testing the RESURS.

Testing RESURS in reducing emission on Lincoln '93.

RESURS increases engine power

Engine restorer RESURS includes antifriction component, that creates protecting film allowing to reduce friction losses. The effect of reducing the frictional force is comparable by effectivenes to the chip-tuning of a car, but more cheaper and faster.

Dyno-test 2008 VW GOLF 1.4 TSI
Man.year: 2008
Odo: 35,280 km

  Before RESURS After RESURS
Power 122.9 hp 131.5 hp
Torque 177 N.m 211 N.m
1st cyl 10.9 Bar 12 Bar
2nd cyl 11 Bar 12.1 Bar
3rd cyl 10.7 Bar 12 Bar
4th cyl 10.6 Bar 12 Bar


Man.year: 1996
Odo: 138560 km

  Before RESURS After RESURS
Power 370.5 л.с. 388.7 л.с.

Dyno test 2002 BMW M3
Compression: +33%
Power: +25 hp @ 4000RPM

RESURS prolongs the engine lifetime

Main active ingredient - nanopowder of cuprum, tin and silver compound gets into friction zone and creates metalplating layer on the surface of the components. He is able to smooth all metal surface defects, to improve the performance and to significantly increase a lifetime of the engine.

Using RESURS in 4-cyl engine.
Mileage 189,000km
Using RESURS in 6-cyl engine.
Mileage 216,000km

Metalplating layer is a porous structure and allows to keep oil in friction zones for a long time even when the engine oil system were damaged.

RESURS reduces oil burning and fuel consumtion

In 80% of cases, when mileage is over than 60000km, the main reason of oil burning is a wear of the engine parts.
Engine restorer RESURS provides safest way to resolve that problem.

Resolving the engine's smoke problem with RESURS.

Boat Tiara 31 Open
Mnf.year: 2000
Engine: 2 x Volvo 220 Hp
Issues: a lot of smoke, increased oil and fuel consumption.
Estimate cost of repair: 3000 euros at service station

Solve: 350g of RESURS was used. After 2 hours of working, the engine noise was significant decreased and smoke was almost gone.

RESURS and Spain Police!

The police of Spain starts to use a new-generation materials, based on technologies of RESURS trade mark. Depending on the model of the car and condition of the engine, fuel consumtion was decreased by 10-15% (more then 1 000 000 Euros of cost savings per year across the organization)