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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


To protect from a wear:

1 bottle (50g) of RESURS per 3-5L of oil at each changing (2,5% of oil volume).

To recover engine

2 bottles (100g) of RESURS per 3-5L of oil at each changing( 5% of oil volume).

RESURS are not harmful, because of:

  1. Particles does not deposite at oil channels. For example of size - if particle is a coin, then the oil channel is a stadium.
  2. Does not clog the oil filter;
  3. Does not change the oil properties;
  4. Does not affect engine rubber seals.

Since the 2011, more than 12 000 000 of car owners at 26 countries, have trusted in the quality of RESURS.

No. Engine restorer RESURS can only be used in 4-stroke engines with milage. If your bike, lawnmower, generator etc has 4-stroke engine, you can add up to 3% of RESURS in the total oil amount.
This situation when the measurements of compression pressure in the cylinders may differ at 1-3 atmospheres are often, even in the repaired engines. This may be due to such factors as a wear, poor maintenance or cheap spare parts, etc. The engine restorer RESURS helps to equalize compression in all cylinders. Nano particles of metals, included in the UNIVERSAL RESURS, provide restoration of worn surfaces of piston rings and cylinders, thereby increasing the compression. In the cylinder where wear is minimal, soft particles will provide additional protection from wear and tear.
In hypoid gears we recommended to use RESURS T. As you know, hypoid transmissions, compared to other types of gears, characterized by high load capacity, smoothness and quiet operation. As well as you need to use a special oil with high extreme pressure characteristics. Applying RESURS T for example, in the gearbox, rear axle hypoid gear, you get:
  • reliable wear protection;
  • restoration of weared surfaces;
  • reducing the noise and vibration, caused by wear;
  • increasing lifetime of engine components.
We recommend to pour RESURS in a new oil with installing a new oil filter.
Depending on the wear of engine and the operation mode of the car the full treatment and the effect of the application RESURS may be in the range of from 100 to 500 km. Also the concentration of RESURS in oil affected on effectiveness of application.
RESURS can be used right after running-in of engine's moving parts. Usually, this process on a modern car finishes to 3000-5000 km, unless otherwise is recommended by the manufacturer.
If the increased fuel consumption caused by engine wear, the using of RESURS will return the efficiency of the engine to the factory default values. Soft RESURS particles restoring and forming a protective film on the surface of the cylinders and piston rings to increase compression and provide a more effective process of fuel-air mixture on the compression stroke and on the tact of the working stroke of the piston. Gases, after the ignition, do not burst into the crankcase because of the restored gaps. Unburned fuel stops to go along with the exhaust gases. Due to this, fuel consumption is decreases.
The particles included in the RESURS, restores worn surfaces of cylinders and piston rings, providing optimum clearances between the friction surfaces and the thickness of the oil film. By reducing blowby between the cylinder walls and piston rings, the increase of the compression is achieved.
In most cases, the oil burning is associated with wear and increased clearances between the piston rings and the cylinder walls. In this situation, the oil is getting into the combustion chamber, where it burns together with the fuel. This process can be indicated by bluish exhaust color. The particles included in the RESURS, restores worn surfaces of cylinders and piston rings, providing optimum clearances between the friction surfaces and the thickness of the oil film. The amount of oil, which enters in the combustion chamber, is significantly reduces, therefore, oil consumption is reduces too.
Hello. RESURS can be used in such kind of engines without any risks. The particles of the RESURS are much smaller then the oil channels and can be easily pass even through the oil filters.

RESURS TOTAL Automatic Transmission (TOTAL AT)

Yes. Using of RESURS AT at the changing of the gearbox oil (even CVT) can restore weared surfaces of friction components and prolong the lifetime of transmission.
You can use "RESURS AT" at full or partial replacement of the oil in the automatic transmission in accordance with the instructions for use RESURS AT and the instructions for the maintenance and operation of your vehicle. You must add 1 bottle (50g) RESURS at the canister with ATF (at least 4L) and mix for at least 2 minutes.
WARNING: You should never pour RESURS AT directly in the gearbox, without mixing it with ATF.
We recommend to change the whole amount of ATF and to check its level very carefully.
RESURS-AT restores the clearances of the gears and satellites of the planetary gear. Facilitates operation of the torque converter, improves the operation of the valves in hydroplate. This allows you to increase the speed of the gearshift, to reduce the knocks while shifting, as well as to reduce the risk of overheating of the automatic transmission in extreme conditions.


More and more car owners are trying to change the car every 3-4 years. During this time, the average mileage can be 50-100 t.km. that is a critical mileage for almost any transmission fluid type. The products of wear that accumulates in the oil, promotes oxidation and increases the intensity of wear and tear. This problem usually does not apply to the first owner of the car, but if you are the second owner and want to extend it's service interval, we recommend you to change the oil in the manual transmission every 40-60 thousand km. andto use RESURS-T in an amount of 50g per every 2 liters of oil.
RESURS T can be used in transfer boxes and differentials with mechanical lock. If your car has the limited slip differential of the increased friction (LSD), then applying demetallized RESURS T is not recommended, because the lower friction coefficient on the surface of the frictions will decrease the efficiency of the lock.
Yes, RESURS T can be used when changing fluids in robotic boxes shifting. It is recommended to use 1 bottle (50g) to prevent wear or 1 bottle per each liter of fluid in the case of issues, caused by wear and tear.
Application of RESURS T at oil changing in manual gearbox will help you to facilitate gear shifting, lower the noise, crackle and vibration caused by wear and tear. However, in the case of catastrophic wear and tear, or damaged elements of transmission, the effect of applicating RESURS-T may be too small.